Electrode Holder

  • Holds electrodes safely and securely in any position
  • Fingertip control raises, lowers, and pivots 360 degrees allowing placement of the electrode holder wherever desired
  • Holds electrodes safely and securely in any position
  • Weighted base stabilizes holder and electrode arm articulates at three points so electrodes always remain vertical



Pays for itself by speeding up batch sampling and reducing probe breakage. NASA Space Shuttle engineering assures smooth and effortless operation. Performs like a robot arm in zero gravity.

Ideal for multiple pH readings or conductivity. Moves in all directions.


Three holes accept all standard glass, reference, combination or other electrode—or conductivity probe, and a temperature probe. Three openings allow holder to simultaneously accept two electrodes and one temperature probe. Weighted die-cast metal base and spring counterbalance permit fluid movement with superior stability. Beware of cheap, plastic look-a-likes that have jerky, uneven motions. Complete with 21-inch metal arm, 8-inch diameter metal base, and probe holder.

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Weight 6 lbs

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