Traceable® IR Thermometer Gun

  • Point-and-read gun provides temperature results of any surface in less than one second
  • Easy-read display is back-lit, has low-battery indicator, and tracks maximum readings
  • DATA HOLD feature freezes display and gives time to accurately record readings
  • Emissivity is 0.95 fixed
  • Unit can take measurements in °C and °F and includes auto-off feature



Infrared Range –60 to 500°C (–76 to 932°F)
Infrared Resolution 0.1°
Infrared Accuracy ±2% of reading or ±2°C
Field of View 11:1 (reads a spot the size of 2 inches from 22 inches away)
Emissivity fixed at 0.95
Weight 6 ounces
LCD Digit Size 1/4 in
Dimensions 3″x1-1/2″x7″
Supplied With Batteries, Traceable® Certificate


Traceable offers a wide offering of Professional Infrared Thermometers with varying features and accuracies depending on your application. However, none of our Infrared thermometers, no matter the manufacture, are approved for Medical usage, and are not FDA approved. For help in selecting a Infrared Thermometer for Industrial, Food or Laboratory usage please contact the customer service team at Cole-Parmer or Traceable.


Small, lightweight Traceable® Infrared Thermometer Gun takes instant, less-than-a-second, temperature readings of any surface. Unique design permits one-handed point-and-shoot readings. Laser-sighting beam permits aiming precisely at target surface. Use for food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, safety inspection, and any liquid or solid.


  • Range is –76 to 932°F and –60 to 500°C
  • Resolution of 0.1°
  • Accuracy: ±2°C or 2% of reading
  • Field of view is 11:1 (reads a spot the size of 2 inches from 22 inches away).
  • Backlighting at the touch of a key
  • Data hold freezes display reading
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Automatic maximum recording
  • °C/°F key
  • Auto-off feature


Multi-point calibration on an individually-numbered Traceable® Certificate which assures accuracy from our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (1750.01) calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA.  It indicates traceability of measurements to the SI units through NIST or other recognized national measurement institutes (NMI) that are signatories to the CIPM Mutual Recognition Agreement. Size is 7 x 3 x 1-1/2 inches.


Includes batteries and Traceable® Certificate.

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Weight 0.38 lbs

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